Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey, Where Did Thanksgiving Go?

When merchants put out their Halloween stuff, have you ever noticed how quickly the panicy Christmas season arrives?  If you mix Halloween with Christmas you get "Hallomass, which makes no sense at all. 

I don't ever plan to slip-slide into that trick. As a pledge I have created a greeting card -- pumpkins covered with snow.  And who should feel all sentimental about this? George Winston and I.  Here's something to sooth our minds as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  (You can purchase this magical card at  )


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Susan, love the card and totally agree with you!

Your blog and Etsy site are sooooo awesome, love your creativity!

MoxyFoxDesigns said...

You are the one who has "awesome" attached to her name! May I thank you for the compliments. Keep on creating -- it makes the world a much happier place.