Friday, April 25, 2014

Emerald Pears

Emerald green is an amazing color. This limited edition print was created from my original acrylic painting, which wasn't half as interesting before I did a little tinkering with it. It's very contemporary and now I like it "just the way it is". Click on the image and it will get bigger.

I love matching my art with music. Here is Billy Joel with one of my all time favorites. He likes things the "way they are", too.


Summer and Sambas

What would summer be without the bold big sunflower?  And how could it be summer without the samba played by Brazilian Eliane Elias?

Eliane Elias (eh-lee-AH-neh eh-LEE-ahs) (born March 19, 1960 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian jazz pianist, arranger, vocalist and songwriter.  She is one of my favorite jazz pianists.  Her mother was a classical pianist who had a huge collection of jazz records.  When Eliane was a little girl she grew up listening to jazz music being played in her home.