Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Morning Coffee

I  have sketchbooks filled with mostly pen and ink drawings -- some are enhanced by ink washes.  This is a sketch of a coffee mug we have had for years.  Can't begin to count all the delicious brews that have been poured into this stout little clay vessel and sipped out.

I came across the sketch the other day and decided to give it a pop look.  Now it is trendy and modern and even has graphics. 

For your pleasure and mine, I have added an old tune performed by Frank Sinatra -- I remember hearing this as a little girl.  At that time, coffee was percolated.  You put water in the pot, filled up a small metal basket with ground coffee that had tiny holes in it, put on the lid and set it on the hot stove.  The lid had a glass dome so you could see the coffee percolating up through the basket with the coffee in it.  You could tell when it was done by the color of the coffee.


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