Sunday, March 29, 2009

She Was a Blonde

(Click the image to see it in a larger format.)

My mother was blonde with lovely long legs, a beautiful figure and a sweet face. She and dad dated from the time they were in their very early teens during the mid 30s. Dad said that during lunch at East High in Denver, they would go across the street to a little soda shop and plan their life together. They were married in 1939 and loved one another for 59 years.

They made a striking couple. She looked so feminine against his slim, tall physique and black hair. I think she must have been on my mind when I drew this portrait.

My dad’s devotion for my mother was matched only by his love for piano jazz. He had a huge collection of 78 records and I grew up hearing jazz performed by all the best. Erroll Garner was one of his favorites. Ours was a very romantic house.

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