Sunday, January 11, 2009

Those Pesky Interruptions

I had planned a morning and early afternoon of painting. However, there was a mishap with my new glasses and I had to get an appointment to have the prescription corrected. I called the optometrist’s office only to find that I couldn’t get the new appointment because “protocol” stated I had to wait another four months. Whoa --- I had just put $800 on the counter for my three pair of glasses eight days ago and now even though they didn’t work, I had to wait until April.

This is probably the only time anyone has heard of this. I had been given a prescription that I took for four days. A peculiar side effect occurred. My vision changed and with or without my regular glasses, I was still very nearsighted.

I could have waited because of the protocol, but instead I set my creating aside, put on good clothes and was in the optometrist’s office within thirty minutes. Surprise! All the personnel were hustling their buns to make things right. Apparently the receptionist treated me like a number instead of a person. On the desk, there was a sign that said “Satisfaction Guaranteed within 30 days”. HA!

CONCLUSION: Interruptions deserve action. Get things solved right away and be nice to everyone--even the woman who insists on "protocol".

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